Emergency Call - 24/7

Locking & Unlocking


We carry out a full lock up of your premises, securing all windows and doors including fire exits and also switching off all lights and unused electrical items and full set of alarm. Upon open up of your premises we fully unset your alarm, unlock all entry/exit doors and turn on all necessary lights and electrical items.

Building | Rural Eye Security | Owen Fitzpatrick

Mobile Patrols


Throughout the course of the night, we will carry out full internal and/or external patrols of your premises depending on your requirements. We will carry out patrols of your farm yard and out buildings making sure your livestock and machinery are safe and secure. We send a full email report to you once the patrol has been carried out. While patrolling and even while parked, our clearly marked security vehicles act as a billboard announcing the presence of security and are a great deterrent to unwanted activity.

Mobile Patrol | Rural Eye Security | Owen Fitzpatrick

Key Holding


Finding the right keyholder to trust with your business or private residence is difficult. Protect your keys property and protect yourself from risks of a call out by choosing Rural Eye Security. Using our key holding service, within minutes of an alarm activation or call for your keys, we will be at your premises to check everything is OK. We can securely hold your keys thanks to the secure Sentrikey system, safely on your site. Our key holding means we securely look after your keys to then respond whenever and wherever we’re needed.

Key Holding | Rural Eye Security | Owen Fitzpatrick

Alarm Response


If it’s a false alarm, a robbery in progress, a panic alarm, a water detection alarm or an escalating fire, you never need put yourself in a potentially vulnerable situation. Alarm response can be a serious and potentially dangerous business. In an emergency, when your alarm goes off, you can trust that we will keep you safe.

Alarm | Rural Eye Security | Owen Fitzpatrick



Our key holding facility is truly amazing in that we use the Sentrikey. With this device we are able to securely store your keys on site and reduce response times to alarm activations. Each time we open the Sentrikey a record is sent to the server, providing a full audit trail of key holder access.

Sentrikey | Rural Eye Security | Owen Fitzpatrick



With real-time GPS fitted to our vehicles and Sentrikey on site we can provide reports for every time we arrive and leave site. Giving you piece of mind in the knowledge that we are keeping what matters to you safe.

Reporting | Rural Eye Security | Owen Fitzpatrick

Cost Effective Security


Mobile Patrol Security is a cost effective deterrent solution provided by Rural Eye Security. With our clearly marked vehicles and uniformed officers on site, let us help to protect your premises, property, livestock and machinery from theft and vandalism.

Cost Effective | Rural Eye Security | Owen Fitzpatrick

Static Guarding


We offer a wide range of Static Guarding Services,

  • Manning of Gates and Doors
  • Access and Exit Control
  • Night Porter Services
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Badging and Identification for Visitors
  • Report any Faults Found to On-Call Maintenance Personnel
CCTV Security Technology | Rural Eye Security | Owen Fitzpatrick

Bespoke Services


Because no two clients are the same Rural Eye Security offer bespoke services tailored to suit each individual’s security needs and requirements. We also cater for Private Residential Property.

Bespoke Services | Rural Eye Security | Owen Fitzpatrick

Security Service - 24/7

Our security services are available 24/7 so you can be safe in the knowledge that your property is being professionally served.

Our Clients Include

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